An audition for Cambridge Chorale lasts for approximately 12 minutes. It’s led by Robert Brooks, the Music Director, and there will also be a member of our committee present. We’re looking to explore your voice and your range, and we try hard to be friendly and not intimidating. You’ll need to arrive in good time and warmed up, so we can enjoy your singing!

Audition requirements

Auditions run in the following order:

  1. Scales and exercises
    • These help us find out your range etc.
  2. Prepared piece (max. 3 mins)
    • Please bring two copies - one for you, and one for the Music Director.
  3. Aural tests
    • to sing from memory a short melodic pattern played twice
    • to sing notes from a chord, as requested
    • to tap the rhythm-pattern of a melody played twice. At the first playing the melody will be harmonised, but subsequent playings will be of the melody alone.
  4. Sight-singing (with piano accompaniment)
    • you will be given a few moments to look through and, if desired, try out any section of the extract
    • we will be looking for the ability to sight-sing accurately and to follow the composer’s directions.

Please feel free to ask any general questions about the choir at the end of the audition. We often run auditions on Thursday evenings before rehearsals, and you’re more than welcome to sit in on the rehearsal to see our style for yourself.

If you’d like to audition for us, check our vacancies, then get in touch! (Please note that you should be over 18 to sing with us.)